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The Scanning Project Needs Your Help!

I’m pretty sure we’re only missing the 10th Anniversary Edition and Tales of Talislanta novel. Is anybody here able to scan either of these two books from your own collection?. If not, Is there anyone here who owns one or both of these titles that would be willing to donate or lend it to a scanner to prepare?

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[S.P. News] Turns Out No News Is Good News!!

Well folks it has been a little while since I last spoke with you. Today marks the two month anniversary of the last Scanning Project news posting. I think we can say, with a fair degree of certainty, that the S.P. locomotion has transitioned from a hair to a tortoise. The initial big boom has […]

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[S.P. News] Talislanta Geographica, Perfecto!

For the longest time I wasn’t sure how this product was ever going to see the light of day regarding a final version. Getting to this point was a long and arduous road that was fraught with numerous delays, setbacks, and scanning and rescanning of material by four separate individuals. It is with great pleasure […]

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[S.P. News] Whoops, Talislantan Handbook Ut-Oh

I was searching for information in the Talislanta Handbook last night and I noticed the pages weren’t properly numbered in the PDF. By proper I mean that when you tell the PDF to go to page 14 it takes you to page 14 of the book. In its current state if you attempt to go […]

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[S.P. News] Talislanta Geographica Is A Bust =(
I NEED Community Feedback… Pretty Please!

I’m very sad to report that the current Stage 2 Talislanta Geographica PDF will not see a printer friendly version unless we are able to acquire brand new scans of the booklet. This was one of the few Talislanta products that was ever printed with more colors than just black and white. The scans we […]

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