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Talislanta coming to Print on Demand?!

If you’re a Talislanta fan and interested in a print on demand option, SMS is taking an informal poll at the link below. You’ll have to join the FB group (if you’re not already a member) and let him know!

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Kickstarter is live

The Talislanta Kickstarter is up and running! Go back it soon! Already half-way to the pledge goal in the first hours. Spread the word.

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Talislanta: the Savage Land

Talislanta: the Savage Land hits Kickstarter tomorrow!

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Talislanta: Savage Lands

After a couple of years in development, the Kickstarter for Talislanta: the Savage Lands should be going live very soon. We plan to pass along information as soon as we have it available. Thanks go out to SMS for bringing this about and Stewart Wieck of Nocturnal Media for putting in a ton of hard […]

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Help Kickstart the Talislanta Webcomic

Lots of news about the Talislanta webcomic being managed by Nocturnal Media as a precursor to the RPG. First, there’s the Kickstarter, which you can find here. The music from the Kickstarter video can also be downloaded from Nocturnal Media here.   The Kickstarter page has some sample art from the comic. The text for […]

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