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I Never Thought I’d Say This…

Well folks, I’ve wondered if I would ever get to say these words. After five years in the making, we have finally acquired every book in the Talislanta Library.

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Through a veil of mist…

There will be a new Talislanta book coming out! Tentatively called Talislanta: Savage Land, the book will deal with Talislanta’s historical past – the time period just after the Great Disaster. Gone are the sky-cities, the nations ruled by magic. Now only might and survival rule the lives of the inhabitants of the Savage Land […]

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Talislanta News

SMS has spoken to Jerry Grayson of Khepera Press who has successfully run Kickstarters for Hellas and Atlantis: the Second Age about the possibility of new Talislanta content in the future. Let me be clear: Nothing is set in stone just yet. These are all tentative, exploratory ideas. Ideas spoken of over in a Facebook thread include: […]

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Someone did an interview with John Harper about Talislanta. If you followed the Kang Civil War posts or like the Big Blue Book of Talislanta’s 4th edition, give it a read!  John Harper’s Interview

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Kang Civil War

Abdul has just been promoted to Dragonlord of House Kurok, by Warlord Rakshan. Taking it all in stride (as usual), Abdul decides he’s gonna be the best darn Dragonlord the Kang have ever seen. Pat told me that Abdul suddenly felt ‘right’. Coming to Tian was like coming home. He felt like he’d been given […]

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