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I Never Thought I’d Say This…

Well folks, I’ve wondered if I would ever get to say these words. After five years in the making, we have finally acquired every book in the Talislanta Library.

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French Art & Maps

Three separate sources for unique Talislanta art from the French game line. If you haven’t seen these yet, you’re missing out ^_-

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The Tribes of the Savage Land

Greetings Tal-fans. The writing team for Savage Land has been hard at work. We’ve currently got about 35 pages of manuscript that deal solely with the remaining Tribes in the Savage Land. These tribes will form many of the nations and cultures of the New Age as well as depict what Talislanta was like in […]

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Writer’s Blog – A Timeline of the Savage Land

Greetings Tal-fans. I actually seem to have missed bi-weekly get-together, but I’ll make up for that a bit today. There was a comment over in the Talisanta Facebook group about the inclusion of current historical canon material and how it would all fit in with the Savage Land milieu. Rest assured that there are bits […]

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Talislanta Links

Just as different people like different things in their games, so to do different Talislanta Fans prefer different websites. Over on the right-hand sidebar, there are a list of links to other places where you can different Talislanta communities – Yahoo, Facebook, Reddit, the Piazza, and Google+. If you’ve got other links that you think […]

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