[Site] A Few Of Site Updates

There has been some activity, development wise, of the website during the past few days as I prepare to step down as webmaster.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people, primarily those just discovering Talislanta, stating that they were or planned on downloading all of the final version books. So the Talislanta Library books that do not have a final version available, yet, have been marked for quick and easy identification.

The entries for the novel Tales of Talislanta, not to be confused with The Lost Tales of Talislanta, and the 10th Anniversary Edition have both been added to the Talislanta Library and Scanning Project pages. Note that both of these books are still being scanned by scanners and we have no files for either to download at this time.

The Help, I Have Questions! page has five in-page links near the beginning of the article. The other day I noticed that links 3, 4, and 5 were broken. They have been fixed and are now fully functional.

The Scanning Project has been updated and expanded. I have added five new categories which give any visitor a clear and concise understanding of what stage of development any involved title is currently in. I’ve added in-page links to the top for easy access to said list, and I have created entries for books that have been finished by the project. For books that are now finished I’ve listed the names of every individual that was involved as well as what their part in the project was. As always, I would love to hear any suggestions or receive any feedback you have to offer me. Enjoy!!

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