[Community] German & Italian Versions of Talislanta

The Good News!
Well the news came down directly from SMS this morning that the French version of Talislanta is still under license but the German and Italian published material has been approved for free release! I’ve heard mixed reports that the internationally published versions of Tal contain different art and plenty of material that never made it into the original America based Talislanta. Does anybody know? Please consider leaving this article some comments if you know anything!

The Not So Good News
Unfortunately this material is not something I am willing to add to the current Scanning Project. As it is the Scanning Project requires a great deal of coordination and time invested. While scanners have been more than happy to offer their services, I am sad to report that only Carlson and a new “recruit in training” are working on cleaning up the scanned images. At this rate it will be six to twelve months, assuming the current momentum of processing does not change, before we finish filling in the current list of books.

As many of you know I have been trying to minimize my involvement with all, Scanning Project aside, Talislanta projects. I’ve been trying to find new folks to take them over, contribute help, or finish them up myself. I just can’t swing adding more books to the project.

The Possibly Good News
We can handle this situation in one of three ways;

  1. We can establish an International Scanning Project that will be headed by somebody other than myself. I am more than willing to answer questions, give feedback, help out with any special coding needs, and help with the initial establishment of the project. However, once the project is setup this individual would be responsible to fully coordinate the project.
  2. The International Talislanta titles could be added to the existing Scanning Project and I would hand the reigns of the entire project over to one or two individuals. I am highly organized and could literally hand over the entire project in less than a day, complete with a list of contacts, project progress, working article on the website, all source files, and of course I would be available to offer support as outlined above.
  3. We do nothing, at least for the time being. Once all of the current Talislanta stuff is done with we could then discuss the possibility for an International Scanning Project, again run by somebody other than myself.

No matter what option we choose I will continue to do all of the PDF work for these books when needed. The choice is really up to you folks as a community. Please leave me comment below, let me know your opinion, tell me if you are interested or not in seeing this material scanned, please post any suggestions you might have, etc…

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