[Lost Books] The Underground Highway Will Entomb Your Mind And Set Your Imagination Free

Your wait has been long and arduous but this day of days has finally arrived! Behold ladies and gentlemen, The Underground Highway!! Penned by talented Talislanta author Bart Savenije, PDF-ed n’ Map-a-fied by layout wizard Paul Cunningham, The Underground Highway details the world beneath the world. Rather than attempting to describe its raw level of absolute awesome-ness, why don’t we hear from the masterwork itself!

It is impossible to describe the paved road from Durne to Cymril along with the muddy canals below the tree roots in the Southern swamps and the lava lake hidden beneath the Volcanic Hills together in only a few words. Each stretch of the Underground Highway is unique, with its own peculiar properties.

The Underground Highway is a marvelous place and provides ways to travel long distances quickly or avoid certain hazards from the surface. But a wise traveller learns as much of the road ahead as he can, because the Underground Highway is truly a different place than sunlit Talislanta. The name ‘Underground Highway’ doesn’t do justice to this vast network of subterranean passageways. If there is anything experienced Gnomekin explorers have learned, it is how much they have still to learn about the deep world.

The Underground Highway plays tricks with the mind. Not only the darkness, but also being confined to narrow enclosed spaces, the many slopes and turns that make scouting ahead impossible, the need to be constantly aware of your footing and the stability of the roof have driven many explorers to, and sometimes over, the edge of madness. Even experienced travellers admit that this can be a tense experience occasionally, but they also tell about the peaceful silence and reaching a meditative state walking through dim, quiet tunnels.

…enjoy travelling the Underground Highway. For well-prepared travellers it is no more dangerous than going under the open sky. The Underground Highway promises unique experiences that cannot be found in the light of the twin suns and the seven moons. Crystalline caves filled with sounds from unknown places, sliding through tunnels of ice at high speed, native underground cultures, and the chance of finding buried treasures out of legends are just a few of the things that should compel any adventurer to go below ground, if only once in his lifetime.

Bart Savenije I salute you for birthing such a useful and welcome addition to the Talislanta milieu ! Paul Cunningham, you grace us yet again with a masterwork PDF. I don’t think I will ever stop being taken aback by the selfless investment of time and grit from my fellow Talislantans. Thank You!! Viva La Talislanta!!!

The Underground Highway
Download PDF (8.69 MB)
What is known today as the Underground Highway is the result of millennia of forces of nature, magic and hard labour working their ways through Talislantan soil. Traversing it is like wandering through a history book. The legendary Underground Highway from Phandril to Golarin and the one travelled today below the Seven Kingdoms mysteriously mix with the burrows of the legendary Urkra and the eroded streams of the Western Waterways. This amalgam of different origins of spaces in a myriad of geological layers makes the Underground Highway as colourful as life under the twin suns.
Oct 29 2010
Bart Savenije
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  1. Paul
    Posted October 29, 2010 at 10:57 AM | Permalink

    And now I challenge all of you creative Talislanta gamemasters out there to come up with adventures using the ideas contained in Underground Highway, and send ‘em in!

  2. Bart
    Posted October 30, 2010 at 4:57 AM | Permalink

    Huge thanks for giving this Lost Book a Tal-worthy layout and graphics, Paul! I second your challenge and look forward to read any Tal fan’s game ideas or play session reports using this book.

  3. Posted October 30, 2010 at 10:26 AM | Permalink

    Just skimmed through this, and it’s fantastic. Will be giving it a more thorough read later on.