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The Crucible was a Talislantan newsletter created by Loyal G. Parsons, a.k.a. Jai Kel, that saw four issues published between September of 1994 and April of 1995. The four published issues were later collected and archived on The Crucible Archives website by Mike McDonald, a.k.a. Kelek the Palindrome . The four issues were also compiled into PDF documents and were posted the Talislanta Yahoo! Group files. The Crucible had articles and ideas submitted and written by both Talislanta fans, authors, and SMS himself.

In the first issue of The Crucible the big Talislantan news story is that Daedalus Games has taken over the Talislanta line and there is an article by Jose Garcia, the President of Daedalus Games, in which he talks about the excitement of gaining the Talislanta line and the new direction for Talislanta that will be taken by Daedalus games. Also, in this issue there are two small article by SMS that talk about Cymrilians and their relationship to magic, and how the Za seek to redress insult and loss of esteem by seeking blood as revenge. Lastly in this issue, there is an article of additional Cartomancy spells written by John Harper.

The second issue sees more input by Stephan Michael Sechi, and there are four articles written by him in it. The first article deals with how he conceived the world of Talislanta as a setting before a role-playing game and how his original sketches were given to P.D. Breeding-Black to work with on designing the look and feel of the Talislantan world. There are two more of his now infamous short articles on various peoples and cultures of Talislanta, in this issue there is the Wildman and Xambrians articles. Lastly from SMS in this issue, is an article discussing special weapons used by the Jaka. Also in this issue is an excellent Deviant Mana System article written by Rick Elliot that employs the use of spell points to handle spell casting for magic using Talislantan characters. The first part of John Harper’s infamous Kang Civil War campaign journal was printed in this issue of The Crucible. Lastly, there are two short articles by John Harper that discuss Talislantan Poetry and Talislantan Curses, respectively.

In issue three we see the exciting part two of John Harper’s excellent Kang Civil War campaign journal. There is a great magical theory article on Spellweaving in the Talislanta game system by Matthew Krepicz. There is a brief article by SMS where he talks about his inspiration for the Talislanta setting, and his views on the Talislanta game system. Also, there are two more of his infamous short cultural articles, and in this issue they are the Stryx and Ahazu. Lastly in this third issue of the fanzine, there are two articles by Tom DeCory-Keen, a.k.a. Talisman, that discuss the food, and were to find it in Talislanta, and interesting events and parties in the city of Cymril.

In the fourth and final issues of The Crucible we find part three of John Harper’s seminal Kang Civil War campaign journal, which takes Abdul and his companions into the Kang city of Tian. Aaron ‘Bud’ Sell presents an interesting article titled Talislanta’s Most Wanted that details the wanted female Xambrian known as Latearez by the Jaka Manhunter known as Strider. The final article in the last issue of the fanzine is a detailed adventure seed titled The Cloud Forests of Shairusk that takes place in the Dark Cost, and was written by Matthew Krepicz.

Once again, take another stroll back through the mists of time and view a snapshot of the Talislanta community circa 1994-95 through this excellent fanzine and newsletter. Enjoy!

The Crucible: Volume 1 Issue 1

The Crucible: Volume 1 Issue 2

The Crucible: Volume 1 Issue 3

The Crucible: Volume 1 Issue 4

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