Tamar, 4th Edition Unofficial Fanzine

I was digging through the internet’s dead and came across a rare find. I say rare because it is somewhat easy to find mirrors of long dead websites but pretty rare to find .pdf files from early 2002 still alive and kicking. Especially when other PDF files from the same site are missing in action. Count your blessings and bare witness to this blast from the past!

Tamar Logo

Tamar is not an official source of new game material. Rather, it is a creative outlet for fans of Talislanta to share their ideas, stories, and artwork, and to hear news of Talislanta as well. To some extent, Tamar will be covering material already discussed on the email list or available on web pages. However, we are getting entirely new material from our writers and artists, and we are making print copies available to help reach the fans who do not have access to the Internet.

The premiere issue of Tamar features a variety of Talislanta-related material, mostly provided by members of the Talislanta email list. These excerpts are available online: Mark “Tipop” Williams offers the Lyceum Archives, a column on making good use of the new magic system in the upcoming Fourth Edition of the Talislanta RPG; Joe Porrett and Ed Heil reveal a new Zandir “musical” instrument, the zeethara; and SMS himself explains how Jack Vance’s work served to inspire Talislanta. The issue also includes the sheet music for an original Tal folk dance, a new archetype, a game-session anecdote, and more.

Well what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy of the one and only issue of this unofficial fanzine that was ever produced.

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