Mark Williams Has Big News, Again!

Mark Williams recently blew us away with the news that he will be releasing a new magic book for Talislanta. Not even a full three months later he is announcing another project. This time he needs your help! If you’d like to take part in this conversation please head on over to the official Tal Mailing List and join in (link!

As most of you know, I am working on a new magic supplement. It will have hundreds of example spells, existing rules clarifications and examples, and some new optional magic rules intended to simplify or correct problems. I had hoped to have this finished before Christmas, but I can see now that was wishful thinking due to my wife’s pregnancy (tomorrow is Dresden’s zeroth birthday!)

However, never one to let reality get in the way of my dreams, here’s what I’m thinking for the NEXT book:

A collection of flavor-text, character bios, short stories, and adventure seeds, written by you: The Talislanta Brain Trust. Anyone can submit material for this book, and I’ll go through it and try to edit it all into something we can publish. Send your questions or submissions to me directly at I’d like to have at least one piece for every region in Talislanta, so don’t be afraid to reach into some obscure corner for your inspiration!

Some examples/ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Flavor texts – Keep to half- or one page in length, intended to be brief glimpses of everyday life or interesting facets of the world.

1) A short description of what it’s like to be a Thrall on the hunt in Taz, crawling through the swamps and marshland, seeking out tonight’s meal for the family-squad back home.

2) A description of a windship battle; a lone Cymrilian Windship gets ambushed by two Rajan Deathships far above the Wilderlands Road.

3) A day in the life of an Araq Warrior; his motivations, his attitudes and the reasons behind them.

Character bio – A brief background of an interesting character that fits into the setting material. While it might be interesting to play a kind-hearted Tanasian who rebels against his people’s traditional prejudices (a la “the Drizzt Syndrome”) I think we’d be better served with character bios that would fit into the stereotypical archetypes for now.

1) A Cymrilian girl who always dreamed of flying, but faced prejudice in the mostly boy’s club of the Cymrillian Airmen Corps.

2) An Arimite revenant who made a terrible mistake – his true occupation was discovered. Too many witnesses to just kill them all, so it’s a choice of death or exile from Arim.

3) A Dracartan who left Carantheum to follow in the footsteps of her older brother who became something of a legendary adventurer. However, the older brother has vanished, and her first quest as an adventurer will be to follow those footsteps into the darkness from which he never returned.

Short stories – Anything goes here, but I think it would be best if we could keep each story under 20 pages.

1) The story of a Snowmane and a Snipe, traveling together in the northlands for mutual protection. The Snowmane: a pragmatic warrior-equs trained for battle by the Mirin. The Snipe, a talkative scholar fluent in a dozen languages (including Equs) with his head in the clouds. They’re an odd couple in a dangerous land.

2) A student at Zanth’s Institute of Paradoxy who comes across an enchanted book in the library that describes the Cult Wars from a very DIFFERENT perspective. It really draws the reader into the story, so to speak.

3) A Dhuna Warlock, a tall man with raven hair and a smile that quickens women’s breath, has many suitors. Three witches, from three different covens, are all vying for his affections. They each offer increasingly grand gifts to prove their love. He keeps playing each against the others, enjoying the game… until the three talk to each other.

Adventure seeds – One-paragraph synopses of various adventures. No maps unless absolutely necessary.

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