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Greetings Tal-fans,

I’m here to take a moment of your time to tell you about about the new Talislanta product in production. I’m sure that all of you have heard about it by now and know that we’re going full-steam ahead with things.

I’d like to take a moment to share with you some of the behind the scenes activity, our goals, where we’re going, and where we’re currently at.

First off, one of the aims of this new product is to make the Talislanta world more accessible to new players. We’re narrowing down the number of available PC races and NPC races to numbers that are a little less intimidating. Right now, we’re sitting at 10 PC races and about 16 NPC races and extra-planar entities. There will of course be a wide variety of creatures, insects, and fauna as well. We hope that by narrowing down the PC choices, that Talislanta will be more approachable for a new player. At the same time, we want each of those races (both PC and NPC) to be recognizable to existing Tal-fans. ¬†We also hope to stick in a few surprises and new mysteries for folks to talk about.

From the writers side of things, we’ve got a ‘writing bible’ that covers the Savage Lands setting in broad detail. That is where a lot of the fan-submitted ideas have gone. Those ideas, submitted through various online sites, were sifted down into the existing SL notes, placed in the appropriate categories, and fleshed out what we were already thinking about. In a number of cases, the fan-submitted ideas lined up perfectly with things we already had! There were several occasions where a fan submitted comment said “What about the X? I think you should include them.” And we already had! Or someone would ask “What were the Y like during this era of play?” And I could look at our notes and go “wow, I have the answer to that right in front of me!” In that aspect, I think we’ve got a good basis to give the fans what they want with Savage Lands. On the other hand, there were some suggestions and questions that pushed us in new ways. We had some early ideas that we’ve already modified or discarded based on fan-input.

As of today, that writers bible has been sent out to the primary writing team. Initial focus is going to be on the PC Tribes/races. So, in about 2 weeks, hopefully all of the PC Races/tribes will be done and editing will start on those while the writing team gets started on all of the NPC Tribes/races.


It’s going to be a lot of work, but we think that it will all be worth it. And we hope that you all enjoy it, too.

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