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The writing team is 90% done with the write-ups for the PC Tribes, so I’d like to take a bit of time to share with you all some of the stuff that’s going into the Tribal write-ups.

Last time, I mentioned that we were narrowing down the number of PC races in order to make things a little easier for new players to grab on to. Instead of a list of 100+ Archetypes with differing cultures and goals, there are now going to be 10 cultures for players to pick from.

There’s something else that unifies those cultures, however – Survival.

Survival is a big thing. For the Savage Land milieu, the world has been turned upside down. The past is gone, largely lost in conflagrations of fire and upheaval, and there are only scattered bands left trying to keep themselves alive. The land itself, in some cases, cannot be trusted. The Gyre, a great storm with magical effects and unpredictable powers, still circles much of the continent. Strange creatures, either unlike anything seen before, or mutated by the Gyre, or just driven mad by the changes in the world ravage the land as well. There are no more empires, no more civilizations, no more cities. In order to survive, the various tribes and bands and clans and wanderers must… what?

Well, that’s where the Tribal culture starts to come in. What does ‘survival’ mean? Is it simply being the strongest and the toughest? Is it honor and pride? Is it salvaging the treasures of the past in order to build a better future? Is it carrying on the traditions of your ancestors? Is it about personal survival? Or maybe the survival of your people, no matter the personal cost? Is it ensuring that the mistakes of the Archaens are never repeated? Is it reclaiming the magic that the Archaens set loose? Is it about restoring the land first so that something can grow from the ash and ruins?

The player’s choice of tribal culture will inform this to a degree. While all of the Tribes are concerned with survival, each tribe has something of its own to say about what survival means. Of course, there will also be some personal choice about survival, but that’s where individual players and their game-masters come in. The stories you wind up telling about survival, what it costs, and what it means will be the stories that eventually lead to the New Age out of the Savage Lands.

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