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I actually seem to have missed bi-weekly get-together, but I’ll make up for that a bit today.

There was a comment over in the Talisanta Facebook group about the inclusion of current historical canon material and how it would all fit in with the Savage Land milieu.

Rest assured that there are bits and pieces of Talislanta’s rich and storied history being dropped into the Savage Land. There is also a somewhat ‘revised’ time-line that we’re working with that fills in a few little places for the existing time-lines.

However, it should be noted that this version of history is derived from several sources: the earliest oral histories and legends of the Wild Tribes, the written histories of the various Archaen peoples, and lastly, by the inhabitants of the current Savage era (the Wild Tribes and others, together sometimes referred to as the Landborne).

Also, the timeline below is not presented as how it will appear in the game, but it does give you an idea for the broad swaths that came before the Savage Land.

1. The Drakken Empire – The time period when the Drakken ruled Talislanta and the various Wild Tribes were driven out.

2. The First Archaens – This refers to the time period after the Orb is found and the first secrets of magic are learned.

3. The First Archaen Age – The early empires and city building of the Archaens.

4. The First Drakken War – The Archaens and the Drakken war over the central plains and the Wild Tribes are caught in the middle or pushed to the fringes.

5. The Second Drakken War – The Archaens use the Wild Tribes to defeat the Drakken and force them out of the plains.

6. The Treaty of Peace – A period of peace between the Archaens and the Wild Tribes.

7. The Second Archaen Age – This is the time of the rise of the Archaens. Many cities are built, the Wild Tribes are pushed aside.

8. The First Archaen Wars – Rivalries between city-states over magical practices, philosophy, nationalism breaks out into warfare. The wars spill across the continent and the Wild Tribes are drawn in. The Wild Tribes assault the weakened Archaen city-states.

9. The First Archaen Exodus – Through various means, the differing city-state nations of the Archaens leave the continent to dwell in the skies leaving behind a continent in ruin and war.

10. The Last Archaen Age – Though the Archaens dwell above in magical floating cities, the Landborne/Wild Tribes are locked in a struggle for survival.

11. The Great Disaster – A great cataclysm scours the land and sea and sky. The Archaens are cast down from the heavens, the land itself rebels, the seas boil. The world itself is forever altered and changed.

12. The present day – the time frame for the Savage Land.

Now, as I said, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the basic outline of history. In the final format, it will likely be geared a lot more from the point of view of the existing Tribes so some names and terms may wind up changing. I think you can see from this list, however where the old histories fit in.

There will also be some appearances from cultures that you recognize from prior Talislanta products and you’ll see the origin, so to speak, of some others.

That said, one of our goals is to make the game easier for new players to get into. So, while this timeline is interesting and helps folks familiar with Talislanta place things into perspective, it’s not something that you’ll have to know in order to play.

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