The Tribes of the Savage Land

Greetings Tal-fans.

The writing team for Savage Land has been hard at work. We’ve currently got about 35 pages of manuscript that deal solely with the remaining Tribes in the Savage Land. These tribes will form many of the nations and cultures of the New Age as well as depict what Talislanta was like in ages past.

We can’t tell you exactly WHO each of these tribes are, though we imagine that you can figure out a few things out just from the names. While the writers (Desi Conrad, Mark Williams, Dean Poisso, and myself) can neither confirm nor deny your guesses, we fully invite you to start your own conversations about who these tribes might be and what they might become.

  1. Aku
  2. Ariane
  3. Azraq
  4. Beastmen
  5. Brood
  6. Caligians
  7. Darklings
  8. Drakken
  9. Ghaun
  10. Golgoth
  11. Imazi
  12. Jakar
  13. Kasir
  14. Narada
  15. Necrophages
  16. Ra
  17. Shadows
  18. Shaku
  19. Shan
  20. Talosians
  21. Tarterans
  22. Thage
  23. Thrax
  24. Umar
  25. Vandar
  26. Virago
  27. Warloks
  28. Withen
  29. Yann
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