Saving The Lost Books Project

The Underground HighwayThe Lost Books Project has been around since launched. This project aims to take manuscripts of Talislanta books that were never released and to make them available for all to enjoy. It has been close to five years and only three books have been released. There hasn’t been any work on this project for years now and it looks like that trend is going to continue. For the first time we are reaching out to the community, asking for volunteers, in the hopes that these forgotten pieces of Talislanta history will not be lost forever.

A volunteer would receive a single book. It will come as a MS Word document (or rich text document format if you request). It will have zero layout and require that you take it from pure text and turn it into a PDF that follows the same design as the existing Lost Books. I will always be available to field any questions you may have or to make any resources from an existing Lost Book book available to you (border graphics, fonts, etc…). This will be a labor of love that you can expect will take a fair amount of time to complete.

All that is required to take part is free time and a rich text editor similar in capability to Microsoft Word or Open Office. I believe, all existing Lost Books were prepared in Microsoft Word 97. I’m rather certain Open Office should be capable of mimicking anything achieved in the current books. Once the manuscript is finished, I will be able to turn it into a proper PDF so it can be released to the community at large. If you are interested in helping, please Contact Us. Viva La Talislanta!

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