Lost Book #8: The Volcanic Hills, Released!

The Underground HighwayIt is with great pleasure to announce the release of a brand new Lost Book! The Volcanic Hills is written by Anthony Herring. The manuscript was proof-read, edited, received layout, pdf-fu, bookmarks, and OCR from Paul Cunningham. Without Anthony this book would never be. Without Paul, this beautiful and professional presentation of Anthony’s fine work would not be possible. While neither of you fine men will ever be paid for your hard work, it is with deep gratitude that I, and hundreds of Talislanta fans, thank you. Your contributions will shape the gaming adventures and memories of Talislanta fans for decades to come.

Book 8: The Volcanic Hills
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The Volcanic Hills are one of the most desolate and forlorn sectors of Talislanta. It’s terrain is tortuous, rising and falling in twisted mounds of pitted pumice-stone, angular peaks, and deep ravines. Clouds of smoke and ash, by-products of the area’s considerable volcanic activity, blot out the sun for miles around. Streams of molten lava pose hazards to all but the most adroit travelers, and the air reeks of sulphurous fumes. Few living creatures dwell here, and those that do are of a nature akin to the hostile environment.
Pages 61 Type Regional Guide Released Jun 12 2015 Author Anthony Herring

Anthony’s Bio
In the late 80’s through early 90’s, Anthony (Tony) Herring worked full-time as a freelance game designer and writer. Inspired by the first edition Talislanta books, Tony contacted Stephan Sechi and was then accepted into a group of freelance writers led by William Armintrout. This led to Tony’s first publication, The Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol. VI, the Desert Kingdoms. Over the next few years, Tony went on to write for Bard Games, TSR, GDW, and White Wolf.

Currently, Tony lives with his wife, Christine, whom he has adored since early childhood. Together they spend much of their time with a menagerie of two dogs, three cats, and three horses. Although he still writes as a hobby, Tony’s career path has led him into Information Technology as the lead of a team of developers at Indiana University.

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