I Never Thought I’d Say This…

Well folks, I’ve wondered if I would ever get to say these words. After five years in the making, we have finally acquired every book in the Talislanta Library. That is all five editions, the Italian and German foreign titles, and the novel. Of course that doesn’t include the mythological 10th Anniversary Edition or the still licensed French line, but none of those books are considered part of the Scanning Project.

Steve Sechi, Timothy Hidalgo, and Tom Zunder are all responsible for supplying us with the last pieces of the puzzle. Without these fine gentlemen and our scanners Michael D. Roush and Marques Jordan (me), this last push would not be possible. While there is still scanning and image clean-up to be done before everything is made available to the public, we have reached a major milestone. For the first time ever, we now possess all of the Talislanta Library material in physical or digital form.

This has been a long process and there are so many fine volunteers, donators, scanners, contributors, and generally fine people to thank for getting us here. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and community when I think of how far we have come and the people who came together to make it all possible.

Please join me in wishing all of these fine people, including those who have been involved but were not mentioned above, a heartfelt thank you, good will, and fond wishes. What we have achieved is nothing short of amazing!

What An Achievement!

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