New TSL Updates!

Big day of news for the Savage Land project over on our Facebook group.

From SMS:
“The Savage Land RPG is in production, and is doing well despite some additional changes in personnel and logistics (explained below). The color painting for the book cover has been completed by Italian artist Mario Teodosio, and it looks amazing. Most of the 24 full-color archetype paintings, by artist David Arenas, have also been completed. Once those are done, David will start in on the full-color Bestiary illustrations.

“On the production side, work on the layout has begun, and we’re creating a new logo for TSL. We’re also just about ready to start on the color map of the Savage Land, which will be based on a detailed rough created by Mark Williams.

“We’re behind schedule on playtesting, but hope to get that going soon.

“Some weeks ago, John Harper had to drop out of the TSL project, due to the tremendous success of (and responsibilities entailed in) the Kickstarter campaign for his new game, Blades in the Dark.

“A couple of days later, Jerry Grayson also decided to drop out, as he was unable to devote as much time to TSL as we’d hoped due to his own (excellent) games and upcoming projects.

“Fortunately, just as John and Jerry left, a new publisher stepped in: Stewart Wieck, formerly of White Wolf Games, and now owner of Nocturnal Media. Stewart has been a Tal-fan since the mid-80s, and he published a number of reviews and articles about the original Talislanta game in White Wolf Magazine.

“Stewart quickly jumped in on the production side of things, and has been tremendously helpful with all the nuts and bolts publishing-stuff like scheduling artwork, planning the book’s layout, and creating a marketing and production plan for the game.

“In addition to the RPG, we’re also producing a webcomic based on the Talislanta: The Savage Land setting and game. I wrote the script for this story, which will run around 80 pages, and it will be illustrated by UK artist Ben Dennett. Called “Tales of the Savage Land”, the comic will be available by subscription at”

So, there you have it! News on the advancement of TSL and an announcement of a new Talislanta webcomic!

How cool is that?

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