Help Kickstart the Talislanta Webcomic

Lots of news about the Talislanta webcomic being managed by Nocturnal Media as a precursor to the RPG.

First, there’s the Kickstarter, which you can find here.

The music from the Kickstarter video can also be downloaded from Nocturnal Media here.


The Kickstarter page has some sample art from the comic. The text for the comic, written by SMS, is complete, and the art is about half-way done. If the KS gets enough backers, the comic will be done full-color. Some of the KS rewards include behind the scenes early-access to art for the RPG as well as stats of characters from the comic – which gives you a bit of a preview of what the new system will be like.

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  1. Mark Reed
    Posted November 30, 2015 at 11:15 AM | Permalink

    This looks really cool. Hopefully Ken Whitman is no way involved with this gaming Kickstarter.