[S.P. News] Scanning Project + PDF Page Updates

Alright folks I have a couple of updates for you. First I’d like to thank Howard A. Jones from the Talislanta Yahoo Group for submitting his scans of the Talislanta Sorcerer’s Guide and Sub-Men Rising. Sub-Men Rising in particular is hard to come by and expensive these days. Considering how much smashing of his precious book he had to do in order to get these scans I think we all owe him a large debt of gratitude. Thank you so very much Howard!

This is most likely the end of the incoming scans for awhile. The remaining scanners have been particularly busy and little progress has been made. However if a book does turn up within the next few weeks it will surely be the Talislanta Guidebook, aka 3rd edition core rulebook, from our other stellar and active scanner Dan =D. Now that the community extension of The Scanning Project has been established and the only PDF’s that are missing are volunteer scanned books, I have updated the PDF Stages on the PDF page. A PDF Stage should now give you a very clear picture of where we are regarding a PDF’s processing status.

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