Tal Sites, New & Old

I have recently spent a great deal of time over at archive.org looking for accessible Tal fan sites. My list has grown large enough that I feel it is worth sharing. This list is by no means complete. If you know of any Talislanta websites, blogs, wiki’s, or forums with dedicated Talislanta sections that are not listed below, please use this form to let me know!

Official Tal Links
Talislanta Mailing List
Talislanta On Facebook
Khepera Publishing Talislanta Forum
Tal.com Visitor Stats Counter

Active Tal Sites
The Minotaur’s Talislanta Page
PHANTASTAL – FreeFrog’s Talislanta Fansite
Girls Of Talislanta
The Library at Jalaad
Dungeons & Talislanta
Talislanta Music Archive
Talislantan Imports
Tipop’s RPG Pages
Talislanta Miniatures

Inactive/Archived Sites
Talislanta Central
Through The Witchgate
Tamar: The Talislanta Zine
Azalin’s Talislanta Page
Maps of Talislanta
Talislanta Notebook
Seraph’s Talislanta Page
Temple Of The Seven Moons
The Crucible Archives
Italian Version Of Talislanta
Museum Of Lost Archaeus
Codex Of The Moons
Tipop’s Old Talislanta Site
John Harper’s Tal Page
Heart of Shabaal
Dale’s Talislanta Page
The Sanctum Alcedon
John Steele’s Talislanta Tour

No Archive Available/Site Lost Forever
The World of Talislanta
John Harper’s Tal Homepage
Hand Of Havoc
Roger Bonzer’s Talislanta
Talislanta FTP Site

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