Lost Books Project FAQ

A quick update for you folks interested in volunteering for the Lost Books Project. I have now put together a comprehensive FAQ. I will continue to add to it as questions roll in and common problems start to surface. This should contain everything you need as a volunteer and help you decide if you’re on the fence about helping. I’ve emailed everyone who has volunteered this far, though I’ve only heard back from two of you. I will not be sending a manuscript to anyone who has not replied to that email. Thank you so much guys!

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Lost Book #8: The Volcanic Hills, Released!

The Underground HighwayIt is with great pleasure to announce the release of a brand new Lost Book! The Volcanic Hills is written by Anthony Herring. The manuscript was proof-read, edited, received layout, pdf-fu, bookmarks, and OCR from Paul Cunningham. Without Anthony this book would never be. Without Paul, this beautiful and professional presentation of Anthony’s fine work would not be possible. While neither of you fine men will ever be paid for your hard work, it is with deep gratitude that I, and hundreds of Talislanta fans, thank you. Your contributions will shape the gaming adventures and memories of Talislanta fans for decades to come.

Book 8: The Volcanic Hills
Download PDF (2.17 MB)
The Volcanic Hills are one of the most desolate and forlorn sectors of Talislanta. It’s terrain is tortuous, rising and falling in twisted mounds of pitted pumice-stone, angular peaks, and deep ravines. Clouds of smoke and ash, by-products of the area’s considerable volcanic activity, blot out the sun for miles around. Streams of molten lava pose hazards to all but the most adroit travelers, and the air reeks of sulphurous fumes. Few living creatures dwell here, and those that do are of a nature akin to the hostile environment.
Pages 61 Type Regional Guide Released Jun 12 2015 Author Anthony Herring

Anthony’s Bio
In the late 80’s through early 90’s, Anthony (Tony) Herring worked full-time as a freelance game designer and writer. Inspired by the first edition Talislanta books, Tony contacted Stephan Sechi and was then accepted into a group of freelance writers led by William Armintrout. This led to Tony’s first publication, The Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol. VI, the Desert Kingdoms. Over the next few years, Tony went on to write for Bard Games, TSR, GDW, and White Wolf.

Currently, Tony lives with his wife, Christine, whom he has adored since early childhood. Together they spend much of their time with a menagerie of two dogs, three cats, and three horses. Although he still writes as a hobby, Tony’s career path has led him into Information Technology as the lead of a team of developers at Indiana University.

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Saving The Lost Books Project

The Underground HighwayThe Lost Books Project has been around since Talisilanta.com launched. This project aims to take manuscripts of Talislanta books that were never released and to make them available for all to enjoy. It has been close to five years and only three books have been released. There hasn’t been any work on this project for years now and it looks like that trend is going to continue. For the first time we are reaching out to the community, asking for volunteers, in the hopes that these forgotten pieces of Talislanta history will not be lost forever.

A volunteer would receive a single book. It will come as a MS Word document (or rich text document format if you request). It will have zero layout and require that you take it from pure text and turn it into a PDF that follows the same design as the existing Lost Books. I will always be available to field any questions you may have or to make any resources from an existing Lost Book book available to you (border graphics, fonts, etc…). This will be a labor of love that you can expect will take a fair amount of time to complete.

All that is required to take part is free time and a rich text editor similar in capability to Microsoft Word or Open Office. I believe, all existing Lost Books were prepared in Microsoft Word 97. I’m rather certain Open Office should be capable of mimicking anything achieved in the current books. Once the manuscript is finished, I will be able to turn it into a proper PDF so it can be released to the community at large. If you are interested in helping, please Contact Us. Viva La Talislanta!

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Scanning Project Donation Page

Donate A Book To The Tal LibraryAs promised, over on Facebook, a new Scanning Project Donations page has been created. This page will track known online sources where missing titles can be purchased. It includes prices in both EUR and USD denominations as well as links to the specific online auctions or retailers. This page can also be reached via the Talislanta.com drop down menus on the home page.

If anybody out there is feeling generous, please stop by and have a look see. I’ll do my best to keep this updated as new auctions become available and expire. Viva La Talislanta!

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Chronicles of Talislanta Goes Final!

After four years Chronicles of Talislanta has finally reached Final status! For those of you who don’t remember we have a multi-step system for rating a scanned books status:

Missing: We don’t have a scan yet.
Stage 1: Scan Processing (rotation, renaming, organization, etc.. of images)
Stage 2: Ready for clean-up by volunteers, As-Is PDF created with bookmarks
Stage 3: Cleaned Image Verification, OCR’ed, turned into PDF, Bookmarked
Final: PDF is complete, no further work needed, released to public

Just before Christmas 2014 I was contacted by thatoldfool. In his great generosity he had cleaned up the entire book. There is a reason the remaining books haven’t been cleaned up yet. It is a monumental undertaking, to say the least. However, he reports that he has devised an automated process for cleaning up the images.

He said he knocked this book out in a few days time! Due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to verify the scan and add OCR and bookmarks until after Xmas. But I have finished and the book is now ready. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get in touch with him since right after Xmas. So keep those fingers crossed. If he surfaces again we might see one or more books getting cleaned as well.

None of this would be possible without thatoldfool. You sir have my deepest gratitude and thanks. For those of you who have print copies, you can’t beat the white background available in this new version of The Chronicles of Talislanta. I have also gone through and removed any pencil marks I found in the book, as well as the artificial border, created by the page edges, present in the original scan as it had its binding in tact when scanned.

Viva La Talislanta!!!

The Chronicles of Talislanta
Original PDF (299 MB)Optimized PDF (63.3 MB)
Best Quality, Non-Image-Processed PDF (799 MB)
Follow the accounts of Tamerlin. Traveler, self-styled wizard, and obscure author of ancient times as he explores the magical land of Talislanta. Discover the myriad wonders and oddities of a forgotten age including; the Dream Merchants of Phantas who sail the skies in fabulous windships bearing the most costly and exotic wares. The Maze-City of Altan, carved over centuries of time from a single mound of violet stone. The Aberrant Forest, the Sindarans, the Crimson Citadel, the Xambrian Wizard Hunters, and the many strange peoples, places, and creatures native to the world of Talislanta.
Edition 1st Pages 120 Released Feb 1987 ISBN # 0961077042 Stage Final
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