Talislanta – The Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game – Final Edition (6th Ed)

Talislanta – Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game – 6th Ed

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… or humans, or dwarves, or orcs … or pretty much anything else you’ve ever seen in a tabletop roleplaying game.


Talislanta the Epic Diverse Tabletop Roleplaying Game FINAL EDITION (6th Ed) W/ Separate “5E” Conversion is BACK, and after 35 years, still no Elves! With all new Color illustrations in 3 Giant Tomes: Over 100 EPIC Player Character Archetypes, tons of EPIC Monsters, an EPIC Atlas and GMs guide to the world and of course… NO ELVES! Written and designed by the original Talislanta creator Steve Sechi partnered up with Everything Epic to revamp the game into an all-new and FINAL EPIC 6th Edition of the game!


  • The incredible Talislanta RPG world setting includes hundreds of fascinating cultures, creatures, and locales designed to challenge and excite players and GMs of all experience levels…
  • Hundreds of new full-color illustrations… 
  • New rules for Windships…
  • Over 90 new Sub-Class / Race Combos we call archetypes and over a hundred and fifty NPCs, creatures, and monsters from the world of Talislanta, an EPIC Bestiary.
  • An all-new and fully described Talislanta Atlas with all notable interest points and cities with full encounter tables and descriptions. Including a Flora and Fauna guide!
  • All new Equipment and Siege Weapons from the universe of Talislanta…

And a whole lot more, all packed into Four EPIC Books for this all-new Epic Edition of Talislanta!

Talislanta: a world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, designed for an RPG you already know how to play.

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