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Harken back to 1996, and you might remember the “Talislanta Virtual Tour”. Now, with a less sinister Tamerlin, welcome to the Talislanta Epic Edition, the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Crowdfunding Trailer! This trailer is to give you some information about the upcoming RPG Talislanta and its triumphant return after nearly 35 years… Still No Elves!

It was many moons ago that the request was made for the maps to be re-published to the website. Now, after much excavation and reassembly, we can proudly present them to you again. Behold… the lost maps

But under construction We are terribly sorry for the scare with the site going down, but the occasional worry that “maybe this time it’s never coming back” is good for us every now and then. That’s a silly thing to think though because… THE TAL SITE ISN’T GOING AWAY It’s just in the process of being rebuilt. Until then, we at least wanted you to be able to enjoy access to the Talislanta free library of books, as well as material for any of you who are new to the world that we all love so much.