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Harken back to 1996, and you might remember the “Talislanta Virtual Tour”. Now, with a less sinister Tamerlin, welcome to the Talislanta Epic Edition, the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Crowdfunding Trailer! This trailer is to give you some information about the upcoming RPG Talislanta and its triumphant return after nearly 35 years… Still No Elves!

SMS announced today that the new full-color edition of Talislanta by Everything Epic will contain stats for both 5e (DandD-style) as well as a more traditional Talislanta format. Included was a sample two-page layout showing what the Thralls might look like (stat-wise) in the new edition. Click the link to check out this early (unedited) sample!

It was many moons ago that the request was made for the maps to be re-published to the website. Now, after much excavation and reassembly, we can proudly present them to you again. Behold… the lost maps

There are still a number of books that were part of the Talislanta Lost Books project still outstanding. If you’re unfamiliar, these were manuscripts that were commissioned, mostly by Morrigan Press, but were never published. While their authors did some editing, there’s nothing much else there but raw manuscript. In a few cases there are sample maps, notes where images should be placed, or simple artwork either commissioned (and paid for) by the individual authors or done by their own hands. For a while, these manuscripts languished, forgotten and unknown to the fans of Talislanta. But then an interest was rekindled and many of them were gathered up, held in trust, waiting for a time that they could be released as free supplements. The original authors never received payment for these works, so donating them to the Talislanta community at large is a big commitment – forsaking the possibility of…

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