Talislanta 5e – Epic Edition!

Talislanta 5e – Epic Edition

Thrall in Battle


… or humans, or dwarves, or orcs … or pretty much anything else you’ve ever seen in a tabletop roleplaying game.


… is the first version of the classic 1986-era Talislanta RPG ever adapted for DMs and players of 5th Edition. Now you and your fellow players can adventure in the strange and exotic world of Talislanta.


  • The incredible Talislanta RPG world setting includes hundreds of fascinating cultures, creatures, and locales designed to challenge and excite players and GMs of all experience levels…
  • Hundreds of new full-color illustrations… 
  • New rules for Windships…
  • Over 90 new Sub-Class / Race Combos we call archetypes and over a hundred and fifty NPCs, creatures, and monsters from the world of Talislanta, an EPIC Bestiary.
  • A 12-episode Talislanta 5E Guided Campaign Written and designed by Talislanta Original creator Stephan Michael Sechi & Chris Batarlis from Everything Epic 
  • An all-new and fully described Talislanta Atlas with all notable interest points and cities with full encounter tables and descriptions. Including a Flora and Fauna guide!
  • All new Equipment and Siege Weapons from the universe of Talislanta…

And a whole lot more, all packed into Four EPIC Books for this all-new Epic Edition of Talislanta for 5e!

Talislanta 5E: a world unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, designed for an RPG you already know how to play.

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